I went to Hull last week as it was a gorgeous sunny day and I wanted to take some photos and videos for virtual tours and social media.  I hadn’t been for a while and it was great to be back.  

I love Hull and it’s one of my most favourite places to guide – people generally arrive with fairly low expectations – it doesn’t have the best reputation, but leave having been totally won over by its charms – glorious architecture, a fabulous setting on the Humber Estuary, free museums, plenty of pubs and full of art.  It’s been an inspiration for writers, artists & musicians for centuries and is full of colourful characters that have shaped not only the city but the wider country too. 

Its history is great – it’s always stood its ground and refused to kowtow to anyone – take, for example, in April 1642, when the Governor of Hull refused entry to the King himself.  This was a key turning point in the English Civil War which ultimately led to victory for the Parliamentarians and the execution of King Charles I.  

In 2017 it was UK City of Culture and the City embraced this honour with gusto!  Over 90% of residents attended at least one event, an amazing statistic.   The legacy of 2017 is a vibrant city full of new businesses, ventures and creativity.   Why not come and see for yourself or if you’re not ready or able to travel yet then join a virtual tour.  Get in touch via email – for more info.

You can also check out a whistle stop tour of Hull on my YouTube channel –