Sarah Milne-Day MITG

About me

Experience Yorkshire is my business, which came about following a random conversation over lunch with a work colleague in London. I was born and bred there and had a successful career in the cinema industry and property management; however, in 2014 I moved “up north” and wanted to do something completely different that I felt really passionate about. The colleague mentioned how she knew someone who had trained to be a Blue Badge Tourist Guide and I thought that could be right for me.   


Training lasted over a year and was a great way to get to know my new home county, although being heavily pregnant through the course and then subsequently doing the exams with a newborn was hard work!  


I graduated in April 2015 and have been guiding ever since. I’m delighted to make use of my history degree to help bring the stories of Yorkshire and England to life and being a mum has helped me with designing family friendly tours for all ages.  


In addition to private guiding and tour planning, I also work at York Minster as a Guide. 

What is a Blue Badge Guide?

The Blue Badge is the worldwide recognised industry standard in tourist guiding. Training can take up to 2 years and assessment includes written exams, a tour planning project and 4 practical exams. This ensures that only the best guides make it through the process, and you can be assured of receiving a fantastic and professional tour from your guide.  

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