My terms & conditions follow the guidelines set by the Guild of Registered Tourist Guides. By placing a booking with me, you are confirming that you have read these Terms & Conditions and understand them fully and accept them.



Fees are negotiated on a case by case basis with the client.

Full days are generally up to 8 hours. Half days are up to 4 hours.

Payment must be made in Pounds Sterling either by direct bank transfer, cash or credit card.

For new clients, generally a 15% deposit is required in advance.

Full settlement of the invoice is expected within 14 days of the invoice being submitted.

Entrance fees and refreshments are not included in the cost unless specifically stated.

Any gratuities are at the client’s discretion.


CANCELLATIONS: If the booking is cancelled by the client more than 14 days in advance then 100% is refundable (less any admin charges incurred)

If the booking is cancelled 8-14 days in advance then 50% is refundable (less any admin charges incurred)

If the booking is cancelled 3-7 days in advance then 25% is refundable (less any admin charges incurred)

If the booking is cancelled with less than 3 days’ notice, no refund will be given.


LARGE GROUP GUIDING: Additional fees may be requested for tours involving Double Decker coaches and for coaches with more than 55 passengers.

In the interests of safety, we will not conduct visits to sites if the group to be guided exceeds 50 (in such cases, a second Guide should be engaged). Often individual sites will restrict the number of visitors they permit to enter their premises in a group, similarly some sites impose restrictions on where guides may talk to clients. If the proposed programme is fully discussed in advance with us we will be able to provide advice on where such restrictions may be an issue requiring additional guides or alternative solutions.

On a coach tour there must be a seat provided for the guide, with a safety belt, working microphone and PA system. If the microphone is not working and commentary therefore not available then 100% of the fee will still be payable.


There will be an additional 50% charged for tours taking place on the English public holidays of Good Friday, Easter Sunday, Easter Monday, Boxing Day, and New Year’s Day. Tours taking place on Christmas Day will be charged an additional 100%.


All vouchers and/or cash, to cover all disbursements the guide is required to make during the tour should be provided to the guide before the start of the tour by the tour operator.

Travelling expenses will be charged as discussed in the fee arrangement if necessary. PHOTOGRAPHY:

Unless specifically asked not to, Experience Yorkshire reserves the right to use any photos and/or videos taken during the tour for use in promotional materials, on our website or social media.



In the interests of personal safety, if the guide is required to be in place to start a tour at very early times / finish late (e.g. outside of 07:00AM or after 22:00) and travel by public transport is not suitable, guides will expect to be reimbursed for the cost of taxi fares.


INSURANCE: Whilst we are covered for insurance by our professional body for the duration of the tour, we strongly recommend that all clients are covered by adequate travel insurance.


Last Update 11th January 2024